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About Us - CoverMyBubble

Why are we CoverMyBubble?

We call our family ‘our bubble’. When talking to family or friends, we say we’ve had bubble-time or a day out with the bubble. When thinking of protecting our family, covering our bubble was a phrase that came up. (this was well before the terms ‘support bubble and ‘social bubble’ became common terms).  
Therefore, when I was setting up the business, Chris came up with the name Cover My Bubble, as he said “you will be covering other people's bubbles”. It was perfect!

Why did we start an insurance business?

We lost our daughter, Lillie, in 2006 and even though we already had a child, plus we’d been married for over a year, we were unaware what life insurance really meant and that there were other personal protection products that would have helped us financially. If you don’t know our personal story, watch our video

It wasn’t until 2010, when I got a job at a local insurance broker, that the range of options were fully explained to me. I finally realised that if me or Chris had had some Life Insurance or Critical Illness Cover when Lillie passed away (or during her short stay with us), we could have made a claim to ease the pressure of being unable to work and subsequently paying everyday bills. 

I wasn’t happy with the way many of the insurance brokers I came into contact with were ‘selling’ insurance. No one was taking the needs of the client into account. There was no care for the person or the family circumstances. Surely, if a family could only afford £20 a month (for example), they could get some security for if or when something bad was to happen!

Meet Team Bubble


I get called the boss, but I hate it! I’m part of a team and I couldn’t do any of it

if it wasn’t for this lot…

My hubby and support. In the office he looks after the accounts, plans the social media, updates the website and sorts the many IT issues us girls get. 

Friend and comedian. My right-hand woman (but sits on my left) and an admin-to-adviser prodigy! She loves taking the mick out of me and Jo!


Friend and our very own success story. From surviving breast cancer to now being amazing at booking in calls and getting documents sent out.


Friend and always got a holiday planned! 

She is the organised one in the team and our admin guru.

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